May 032022

Meeting Minutes of the Brookfield Conservation Commission 4-18-22

Present: Sue Shea, Starr Strong, Jon Jickling, Kathy Kinter    Absent: Jon Binhammer

Zoom meeting came to order at 7:06 PM

March minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

There was no one from the public in attendance.

Community Values Mapping Debrief: It was felt by most that there wasn’t enough time to map all that folks wanted. Some folks were unable to connect or manage Miro. Question was raised, should we try for another in-person experience in the fall? There is a sense of urgency to get the results from the recent event (even with low turnout) so that we can apply them to the town plan, zoning and conservation delineations. Kathy will speak to Jens to get his input on all this and if we should still plan for a town-wide meeting in June.

Kathy reminded everyone that we meet with Jens and the Planning Commission on May 18 via zoom to discuss results and look at maps.

It was noted that turtle crossings were discussed: rte 65 where culvert under road. No. and So. Ponds are relatively close. Also, in the village near where the stream flows from the pond and the Brookfield side of Baker’s Pond. We may want to look into signage.

Vtrans: They responded to Sue and Jon’s letter and will go out with Jens to look at the wildlife crossing under 89 on Northfield Rd. If they don’t do it within 2 months, someone from the commission will follow up.

Town Meeting: Jon J and Kathy won’t be there. Jon will give EAB info to Jon B to share. Starr will give report on Green Up Day.

Jon B. is to get reflective window stickers to repel birds to hand out to folks.

Green Up: Starr is waiting for Kate to return her call about bags, etc. She has begun outreach. Sue will post on FPF. Kathy said it is important that people know that electronics and toxics must be disposed of by the people who pick them up. Starr is considering a washing station for returnables at the town garage the day of. Garage open 9-4 that day. Jon J and Starr will person the collection at the garage.

Other Business: Kathy announced that she will be stepping off the commission after the May meeting. A replacement needs to be found.

Given that Jon B is gone when we are to next meet, May 9 was suggested as an alternative. Starr leaves May 23.

Next meeting: TBD

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Kinter