Sep 302019





The following members attended: Dan Mason, Mike Stoddard, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell. Teresa Godfrey assisted with recent developments as Town Clerk.

  1. Review and Approve Minutes of August 21, 2019. Approved Unanimously.
  2. Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public. No members of the public attended.
  3. GUEST: DMV Truck Enforcement. No one from DMV able to attend.  May be able to attend in November if meeting date provided soon.
  4. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills. 29 patrol hours provided.  1 written citation for speeding and three written warnings for speeding and following too close.  20% of budget spent so far.
  5. Review of Radar Speed Cart Deployments.  Currently deployed at the Elementary School.  Soon to be deployed on Northfield Road.
  6. Continuing Review of Parking & Law Enforcement on Brookfield Roads.  L Stowell briefed members on developments at two recent Select Board Meetings.  Rob Townsend has completed the survey of the northern end of Stone Road and has determined the edges of the Town ROW and the “traveled Portion” in the vicinity of 2141 Stone Road.  A site visit is planned in the future to view the location of each.  The Select Board has taken action in response to complaints of Northfield Road property owners.  35 MPH signs have been ordered and placed on Northfield Road.  OCSD will place the Speed Cart in two deployments to warn motorists of the perceived change in speed limit.  OCSD and VSP have been alerted to the change.  The Select Board has requested that the Committee to research and develop a plan for large vehicles for all town roads by Town Meeting.  After discussion, the committee voted unanimously to accept the project with the understanding that the committee would not be determining weight limits of bridges, culverts or roadways.  That information will come from competent authorities to include the Town Highway Foreman.
  7. E-911 Sign and Traffic Sign Status. 19 Property owners have requested a total (to date) of 32 reflective house number signs.  An order date will be determined soon.
  8. Brookfield Fire Department Smoke & CO Alarm Program.  The Fire Department through an anonymous donor is providing battery operated, combined smoke and CO alarms for property owners who do not have them and have limited means to purchase them.  Persons desiring the alarms should contact Fire Chief Kevin Wheatley at 802-281-5882.
  9. Emerald Ash Borer Progress. Efforts to meet with GMP and WEC are continuing.
  10. Public Safety Advisory Committee Website Use. Tabled until next meetingOctober
  11. Public Safety Message. The October message will be about planning for Winter weather events and was approved for publication on the Town Website and Front Porch Forum.
  12. Setting the Next Meetings.  October 23 and November 20 were set as the next meetings.
  13. Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting. DMV Enforcement to be invited to the November meeting.Adjournment.
  14.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:48 PM.