Jul 232018

Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

July 9, 2018 at 6:30 P.M.

Town Clerk’s Office

Draft Minutes


Present: John Benson (Chair), Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Dawn Conant, Ray Peck (Road Crew Foreman), Jeff Tracey, Lynne and Scott Wakefield


  1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.


  1. Adjustments to Agenda – None


  1. Public Comment


  1. Tracey – Maintenance on Stone Road.


  • Tracey’s residence is located near the junction of Stone Road and Northfield Road. He described problems with the accumulation of large amounts of sand due to winter sanding of Stone and Northfield Roads. In addition there is a huge amount of dust in the Spring/early Summer times. Mr. Tracey reported that he cleans/sweeps right by his house, but still gets inundated with the sand.
  • Benson asked Mr. Peck to take review potential responses to the problem, including use of less sand in Winter and/or more chloride in the area. Mr. Peck will also look into renting a sweeper to remedy sand accumulation.


  1. Wakefields – Use of David Acres Road


  • The Wakefields are running more vehicles on the road, and thus are looking into improving the road surface to withstand the traffic. In addition, more ditch work and culverts are needed to stabilize road conditions. They offered to help with the work and help pay for the materials and equipment, and wondered if the Town was also willing to supply some of the culverts and other materials needed? At least a couple of 2 foot x 40 foot culverts would probably be necessary.
  • Benson suggested that Mr. Peck meet with them and review site conditions and proposed remedies, and then report back to the Board. He will meet with them on Thursday, July 12th.


  1. New Business:


  1. Highway


  1. Northfield Paving Grant Amendment
  • Needs Town’s signature. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to approve and have the Selectboard sign the Northfield Paving Grant Amendment, Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Road Foreman Job Description: examples and copies of current job description given to all Selectboard members to look at. The Selectboard will discuss at the next meeting.


  1. Other Highway Business


  • Peck wants to hire Stan Wheatley to work on the Pickle Pond project. He is not comfortable with the backhoe work. We have gotten permission from the State to dig it out and fix the pipe.
  • Peck asked if the backhoe repair bill is in this year’s budget dollars or last year, as there will be extra on it. He was told to have the company fixing it resubmit the whole bill with the extra amount to the Town.
  • Peck needs to call Pike to see when they are going to do the shoulders on the Chelsea Mountain Road paving project. Mr. Benson inquired whether that was part of the contract invoice we just paid.
  • Benson asked Mr. Peck to get a price to do crack sealing on the Ridge Road; the road work needs to be done sooner than later so that repairs don’t get backed up towards the end of the season.
  • Stuart Edson submitted a list of the signs (about 30) that the Public Safety Advisory Committee would like to see purchased and installed this year.
  • Benson asked Mr. Peck if the posts had been added across the Floating Bridge for the second trash can: Mr. Peck said once the backhoe is back from repairs they will get on that.
  • Peck mentioned that when the crew is not using the new truck, it needs to go in for some body work. The company is going to fix the issue free of charge. He noted that the same issue happened to the Town of Chelsea’s truck too.
  • East Hill needs to be fixed with about 1,000+/- yards of surface material.
  • Rob Wheatley is temporarily unavailable to help with Road Crew work.


  1. Appoint Mardee Sanchez to the Board of Adjustment: Mr. Kimmel made a motion to appoint Mardee Sanchez to the Board of Adjustment, Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Cemetery Contract


  • The proposed contract to rehire Joseph Mangan for a 2 year period (July 2018 – July 2020) is the same price. It can be extended for an additional two years at the same price.
  • Benson made a motion to approve the Cemetery Contract with Mr. Mangan and give Mr. Kimmel authority to sign for the Selectboard once Mr. Kimmel and Mr. Mangan have reached agreement on the contract language; Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Old Business:


  1. Approve Minutes of June 25, 2018 Meeting: Mr. Kimmel made a motion to approve the June 25 minutes, Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Orange County Sheriff Contract


  • Lew Stowell (PSAC) requested that the following items be included in the contract: 1) Radar Display cart, 2) Patrols at least 60% of the contract-allocation in the late Spring/Summer/Fall period, 3) Patrols should favor higher traffic roads/areas.
  • Kimmel will look at the contract and draft up a cover letter to accompany with the Town’s requests.
  • Benson made a motion that we sign the 12 month contract with the PSAC recommendations included in the cover letter, Mr. Haggett second: 3-0-0.


  1. Personnel Paperwork for Administrative Assistant: this item has been taken care of already.


  1. Set Schedule for Special Meeting Regarding Drug and Alcohol Policy: the Selectboard will coordinate with Ms. Peterson to schedule the meeting.


  1. Payroll/AP Warrants:


  • Haggett made a motion to pay the warrants totaling $29,735.60.17 with large bills including: Pike Industries (Chelsea Mtn. Rd Paving): $21,402.50; Vermont League of Cities & Towns (VLCT Dues): 2505.00; Two Rivers – Ottauquechee (Two Rivers Dues): $1,873. In addition, Mr. Haggett made a motion to pay the rest of last fiscal year’s warrants totaling $60,109.49 for: Hebert Excavation (Sand): $49,942.50; S. Wheatley & Sons (East Hill Ditching): $8,000.00; Summit Landworks (East Hill Seeding): $2,150.00; and Farm N’ Country Hardware (Drill Bit): $16.99; Mr. Kimmel seconded both motions: 3-0-0.


  1. Other Proper Business:


  • Kimmel mentioned that he and Town Clerk Teresa Godfrey would be attending an Election Training session for a computerized balloting system; all Towns will be using this system in the upcoming elections, which is designed as an aid for disabled and special needs voters.
  • Haggett mentioned that the trash issue is happening again on a Ridge Road property. Mr. Benson said he would give appropriate oversight individuals a call and see what steps can be continued to address the issue.
  • The Town has received from the VT Dept. of Taxes the Notice of Education Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2019. The Selectboard at the next meeting we will work on developing the Brookfield’s tax rate.


  1.       Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 7:40 p.m., Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.