Jun 302021

The Town of Brookfield
Special Selectboard Meeting
June 22, 2021 at 6:00 PM
Town Office and Zoom

Present: Dennis LaRocque and Jeff Kimmel (Selectmen); Sheriff Bill Bohnyak and Scott Clouatre (Orange County Sheriiff Department); Lew Stowell (Public Safety Advisory Committee)

1 – Call to Order – 6:08 p.m.

2 – Public Comment – none

3 – Stone Road Traffic and Parking:

Mr. Bohnyak said that if vehicles are in the Town travel-way and right-of-way, the Town can have such vehicles towed. Mr. Clouatre commented that the Town may need to update its Traffic Ordinance to specify what types of vehicle infractions are subject to enforcement and penalties. Mr. Stowell reported that the PSAC has been in the midst of reviewing and revising the ordinance, and will try to address speed and parking problems (and Town responses) during the process. Mr. Bohnyak confirmed that vehicles with 2 wheels in the Town’s travelway are problematic.

Mr. LaRocque noted that there are likely liability issues triggered with improper vehicle parking on that portion of Stone Road, including the potential for accidents with 2-way traffic patterns passing through the site.

Mr. Bohnyak added that if vehicles are towed away, the towing company can charge a storage fee. If there is no recovery of fees, the towing company may have the option to either salvage or sell the offending vehicle. The Town will need to figure out which towing company to hire for services. For vehicles parked in the travel portion of the highway, the Town may want to consider establishing a maximum number of days the vehicle can remain, the process for ticketing the vehicle, and when it might be towed.

Mr. Bohnyak and Mr. Clouatre also recommended that the Town refer to the pertinent Vermont ordinance (23 VSA 1101) for guidance on the Traffic Ordinance revisions, along with reviewing another Town’s ordinance (such as Randolph) for further suggested approaches. As an additional precaution, the Town should ask the Town Attorney (Michael Monte) to review the final draft version of the revised Traffic Ordinance.

Mr. Bohnyak indicated that he and/or Mr. Clouatre, after reviewing conditions at the Stone Road site, would stop by and speak with the landowner. It was also suggested the Selectboard meet with the landowner to confirm Stone Road boundaries at the site, based on a survey that was previously commissioned for the site.

4 – Other Proper Business – none

5 – Adjournment – 7:20 p.m.