Aug 052021

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting
9 August 2021 at 6:30pm
Town Office

A. Call To Order
B. Adjustments to Agenda
C. Public Comments
D. Highway Report
1. Grants in Aid for 2022
E. New Business
1. Ben Koren – Oktoberfest 5K
2. Covid-19 Memorial Service
3. Teresa Godfrey – Town Clerk/Treasurer
a. Tax Rate
b. Town Report
4. Audit Letter
5. Cyber-Security
6. Assemblage Permit – Tatro
F. Old Business
a. Public Meeting
b. Payment
G. Meeting Minutes
1. 26 July 2021
H. Payroll and AP Warrants
I. Other Proper Business
J. Adjournment